Naming Conventions

Naming Convention
Naming Convention

To develop java programs sun people gave some standards as follows:
  • Java is case sensitive language, all the key words should be in small letters and we can not use this keywords as user identifiers. Example class , int , float , void ,etc.
  • In the program name first letter should be capital, if we use combination of two or more words for declaring class name we should use camel case type.
  • Method name should start with lower case letters and method should have the return type(i.e. void , int , double , etc.).

Advantages of standards

  • Developers can view any Java software and quickly figure out what is going on.
  • Developers new to Java are spared the need to develop a personal style.
  • Developers make fewer mistakes in consistent environments.
  • Discussions about the appropriateness of a language feature are reduced at code reviews.