A solution for managing Persistent data that are modern technologies faces is Object-Relational Mapping (ORM). ORM software is used for the representation and conversion of data between the database and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages.

Hibernate designed for Object-Relational-Mapping framework specially for java. The problem of Object-Relational-Impedance is solved by Hibernate. Mapping from Java classes to Database tables is its elementary feature. It is designed to aim the better persistent capabilities. It adds up a “Virtual object database” to be used from within the programming language.

A process of storing and retrieving the data through some permanent phenomena is “Persistence”. For managing persistent data, Hibernate originate SQL calls and relieves the developer from Object conversion and Manual result set. SQL database supports few performance of hibernate applications which are portables to use.

An inspired language like Structured Query Language (SQL) is also provided by Hibernate is known as Hibernate Query Language (HQL). It allows to write structured queries against Hibernate’s data objects. Hibernate is a high-performance Object/Relational persistence and query service.

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