MySql database is designed as free, open-source Relational Database Management System that uses Structured query language (Sql). Used in web-based applications like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yahoo and many others. It is the most leading database. This is used to add, access and manage the numerous of record in the database.

MySQL server instance is created from background processes and applications. It stays in memory and listens for client requests coming in over the network and access database contents according to those requests and provides that to the clients. Sql is the set of command that is recognized by nearly all RDBMSs. In technical language its a data sublanguage i.e., a language use to interact with database.

It is platform-independent and portable to use due to it’s been tested with a broad range of various compilers. MySQL used Kernel threads. It provides data types to support various types of data. It offers a secure and flexible password System which allows host-based verification. Clients can ease-to-connect to MySQL server. It has built-in support for SQL statements to check, optimize and repair tables that’s why it is reliable to use.

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